Trust is vital.

There are many contractors that would offer you their services, and would show completed projects. But you, as the client, we should not always agree and be more vigilant. So, before you set your budget to a contractor, here are few tips to set your mind right.

TIP 1: Look for options ahead of time.

Planning it ahead of times means more time to revisions for your projects to be perfectly executed. If you do not take precaution on time it will cost twice as much as you thought. Time is essential. (put another blog here with this exact line) Your projects will provide clear direction based on what you really want, need and even preferences along with your budget. Also, you have to check contractors that are near to you and who are willing to meet you face to face. This will show their eagerness to work for you and with you.

TIP 2: Right questions equates to right answers.

A client sometimes just wants the finished product and gets lazy with the long-process which is unavoidable. But you as clients must know every single even the little details. What are you looking forward in this project? What do you want to see? What are you hoping for? What are you trying to avoid? This will show you a contractor’s functionality. With this, you better get that pen and paper, and start writing your questions.

TIP 3: Ask for the 3R’s: Referrals, Recommendations, References.

A contractor may have the most convincing communication and company profile but It will be down to your decision, your signature on that contract. Some contractors will automatically give you a list of their references you could call for second opinions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case you might as well ask for the 3 R’s Referrals, Recommendations and References. It will give you a background and a gist of their organization.

TIP 4: Know what type of work they do

This is where process takes place. You have to consider the experience you had when you set meetings with your contractors. If they had explained their process on how they would execute your plans detail by details that’s one aspect to really consider, their organization. This includes on how they will adjust to your given budget and time also the payment process more importantly.

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