On the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 event, I would like to take on the newly built One World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York. Developers have been spreading the good news that the building is progressing and already 40% occupied. The building Is 80 stories high which have 2.5 million square meter for office space. Although, developers have said that financing is one of their major problems with the financial crisis that U.S has been experiencing in the past few years.

Is this part of 9/11’s revival? Won’t this affect the businesses inside the new building? Knowing One World Trade Center has been built near the attacked building, how safe are the businesses and the ones near in that vicinity?

This is just one proof that even though it has been difficult that it even took years for it to prosper and to continuously function. There had been delays but then issues are still manageable. Revival? Resurgence? Reincarnation? In this way, it paves to a positive outcome from the tragedy. Planning and designing of the building, architects and engineers should have been more careful and smart in designing so that in future events, One World Trade Center is more secured and safe. However, considering the years of planning I think that they have put their mind into it for this incident won’t happen again.

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