Organizing your home is one of the tough decisions you will ever make. If you really want to give it a new look, use metal pipes instead of woods and plastic materials for your do-it-yourself home projects.

Steel/metal pipes are indeed durable and recyclable. It actually helps your home to maintain its modernity and classy look in the long run.

Here are the 10 DIY metal pipes you can do for your home

1. Bookshelf
This will help you to be organized at all times.
It’s easier to choose which book does your kid would
like you to read for them every night.
Avoid spending too much time finding a book
every corner of your home.

2. Clothes Rack
Dry your clothes with the use of clothes rack, there’s no
need for you to pile up wires at your backyard. Clothes
rack made up of steel is easy to carry and it can hold up
to 15 clothes in a row without breaking its part.

3. Hanging Pan Rack
Running out of space in your kitchen area?
A hanging pan rack might be useful,
leaving your kitchen space enticing and neat
at all times.

4. Coffee Table
Leaving in a dormitory or condominium with limited
space is not an excuse not to enjoy your coffee in the
morning and during at night while you study.
A coffee table made up from steel pipes will make you
enjoy sipping your favourite cup of joe any time you want.
Ask your dad to create one, right now.

5. Wine Rack
Have a dedicated place for your dad’s bottle of wines,
in case he decides to invite his friend over the weekend.
Give his bottle of wines a perfect place to chill in,
a wise gift idea on his special day.

6. Towel bar with shelf
Instead of purchasing a plastic black rack for your shampoo,
toothpaste and soaps inside your bathroom, make your own
DIY towel bar with shelf made up from steel pipes.
It’s more durable and prevents you to scatter all your toiletries.

7. Pallet and Pipe Chair
How many times have you broke your monoblock chair at home?
It’s about time to stop spending money in buying plastic chairs
and create your pallet and pipe chair.
This can be perfectly used during gathering at home in a bar table,
catching up with friends.

8. Wall Rail Storage
If you’re an artistic person and you cannot go even just
for a day without looking at your magazine, calligraphy arts,
then this might the perfect solution for your messy table.

9. Vanity Mirror
One mirror is not enough for women who use to spend more than
an hour to get up before heading out, it’s safe to use metal pipes to
vanity mirror to create more than just one but two mirror all at the same time.

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