Chinese New Year just came and that means it’s also time to start a new beginning and to create a fresh page. Out of all the traditional Chinese festivals, the New Year is perhaps the most elaborate, colourful, and important. It is said that New Year is a special event wherein people should be put into their best behavior. It was considered that the 1st day of the year should be perfect or good in order for the rest of your year to be amazing.

To start of the Lunar Year right, the mind, the body and the soul should all be cleansed. Chinese people are very religious and they have a lot of different views about the world. One belief that Chinese people do in order to achieve balance in their life is they surround themselves with different crystals/stones and steels that have a therapeautic energy healing within them. They love to incorporate these stones with different kinds of jewelries such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

One good material to pair it up with is the Stainless Magnetic Steel. It is a therapeutic type of steel and is formed into bracelets for healing purposes. You might wonder why people love to wear magnets around their wrist. This accessory was made viral due to the fact that it has a magnetic therapy within them and it is one of the alternative medicine to improve one’s health.


Improves Blood Circulation

The magnetic steel in the bracelets gives you more blood flow due to the fact that your blood has iron in them. Blood circulation is important in keeping the body healthy and keeping it safe from all injuries. Better blood flow means it would also speed up the removal of toxins inside your body.

Decreases Inflammation

Infections are what typically causes inflammations and are a strain to a certain body part (usually cause by physical activities). Since it improves blood circulation, it would help improve all the inflammations that is happening inside your body. It would get rid of the redness and swelling. It would preserve the joints of the body.

Better Sleep

The pineal gland produces the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates the sleeping patterns. Magnetic steel has a natural melatonin in it which is better than taking melatonin supplements to have a better sleeping pattern.

Positive Mindset

Another good reason is that people doesn’t have to understand the science behind the magnetic steel bracelets but just by thinking about the positive healing effects that it could create, it could reset the mind and put into positive outlook towards life.

Here are few of the designs you could actually find and buy!

but make sure to know how to check the right quality of steel! for the right price and the right quality.


ADDITIONAL BONUS: The magnetic steel bracelets could actually be added with other healing and therapeutic stones that would add benefit to your outfits/styles as well as attracting positive energy.

One of the stones that the Chinese people believed it was good was the Jade stone, it was sought after because of its healing properties. Jade’s meaning is based in the ability of one person to gather tranquil wisdom while disregarding and not focusing on the negativity but rather focusing more on seeing one’s true self. In the spiritual realm, the healing properties of Jade includes happiness and harmony in love life, family, and work. Wearing this stone gives you protection from harmful and deceitful spiritual entities while creating good intentions as well.

Bring out the goodness and shine in you with these steel accessories. Here are some examples of a Jade stone on a Stainless Magnetic Steel:


Again, we wish you a prosporous Chinese New Year everyone!! may you have the good energy towards your family, love, career and health!

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