Considered as the biggest expo of its kind in the Philippines, Philconstruct is an infrastructure convention centre wherin the biggest engineers, architects, contractors and suppliers of different industrial materials and technologies gather together to negotiate projects to create a better future for the industry. It is a great opportunity to start the conversation and make a statement in every fields.

Power Steel was lucky enough to be part of an event wherein different industrial businesses who are marvelous at their own field gets to showcase their own brand and products to all the contractors attending the event for better projects and solutions. Each year, Power Steel makes sure to upgrade its customer service by engaging directly. They give efforts to reach out to their clients personally and interacts with them in a fun, unique way. Not only the customers were able to quote and inquire all the products that they needed but they were also able to have fun by playing the wheel of fortune. Customers who played the wheel of fortune, gets to win different prizes such as polo shirt, ballpen, goodie bags, candies and hats.


Different contractors also had fun taking pictures in the booth with the company’s representatives. Customers had fun choosing different varieties of steel products.

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Lastly, the event would not be successful without the Power clients who attended the event.  Power Steel would like to thank its active and loyal clients for having the time and effort to engage and support the company at the Philconstruct event. Prior to the customer’s concerns  and suggestions, the company will continue improve and implement all the different suggestions of everyone. The event wouldn’t be successful if the booth would be empty. Our clients is the truly our partners the POWER of this business.