Nowadays, many of the civil work infrastructures, especially those that are vertically-built, are built with the use of sheet piles. Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The walling is widely constructed to retain either soil or water in a particular portion or side. The capacity of the Steel Sheet pile to perform is dependent upon its geometry and the soil where is it piled. While sheet piles can withstand heavy infrastructure works, it must still be maintained and repaired as often as necessary—because it serves as a stopping foundation for soils, waters, and other permeating or porous water or soils.
But good news! Roen Salvage Company done In-situ repair of submerged steel sheet pile walls—this process includes the repair and maintenance of damaged structure of sheet piles. Roen Salvage has already done so many repair of installed sheet piles in many operating infrastructures.

According to Roen Salvage, this is being done to give a long-term protection of installed sheet piles. The picture shows that sheet pile is installed and submerged in water. Roen Salvage was asked to conduct site visit and eventually to fully rehabilitate damaged sheet piles. To know more about Roen Salvage’s Sheet Pile’s repair and maintenance, you may visit them at

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