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[darna_heading title=”Cold Formed Sheet Piling”]

Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The walling is widely constructed to retain either soil or water in a particular portion or side. The capacity of the sheet pile to perform is dependent upon its geometry, and the soil where is it piled.

There are temporary and permanent applications of sheet pile. While permanent applications would serve as a permanent barrier or retaining mechanism, the temporary application, on the other side, is designed to provide safe access for construction, and then later remove.

Sheet piles NEED to be of high quality so to assure that the walling is firm and can withstand with various intensity of forces. Power steel is one of the most trusted the supplier of sheet piles in the Philippines, especially for multi national companies, government infrastructures, among others.

Z Sections (OZ Series)

TypeS = Single D =DoubleThickness (mm)Single Pile c/c Width (mm)Inner Height(mm)Cross Section Area(cm2)Surface Coating Area(m2/m2)Weight(kg/m)Moment of Inertia(cm4)Section Modulus(cm3)
OZ 13A**Per S6.567539270.755.518388909
Per D111367891847
Per m of wall1.4682.2272511370
OZ 14APer S767539276.159.719758976
Per D119.53952911981
Per m of wall1.4688.5292811470
OZ 15APer S7.567539281.564211371042
Per D128422892117
Per m of wall1.4694.8313251570
OZ 16A**Per S867539286.968.2225041109
Per D136.5450232251
Per m of wall1.46101.1333501670
OZ 17APer S8.568539292.172.3243501199
Per D144.7487152433
Per m of wall1.46105.6355581780
OZ 18APer S968539297.676.6257351266
Per D153.2514852568
Per m of wall1.46111.8375801880
OZ 19APer S9.5685392102.980.8271151333
Per D161.7542452702
Per m of wall1.46118.2395951970
OZ 20A**Per S10685392108.485.1284881398
Per D170.2569942836
Per m of wall1.46124.2416012070
OZ 20Per S865042990.270.8281511285
Per D141.6563032574
Per m of wall1.57108.8432931980
OZ 21Per S8.565042995.675.1298541361
Per D150.2597092727
Per m of wall1.57115.5459122100
OZ 22Per S9650429101.179.4315511436
Per D158.7631022878
Per m of wall1.57122.1485212220
OZ 23APer S9.5650429106.583.6332401511
Per D167664823029
Per m of wall1.57128.6511202330
OZ 24A**Per S1065042911287.9349241586
Per D175.8698483179
Per m of wall1.57135.2537092450
OZ 26Per S10.5675429122.295.9387331869
Per D191.8775043527
Per m of wall1.58142.1574102620
OZ 27Per S11675429127.799.8405091809
Per D199.7810583684
Per m of wall1.58147.9600132730
OZ 28A**Per S11.5675429133104.4122791886
Per D208.7846003841
Per m of wall1.58154.6626672850
OZ 29APer S12675429138.7108.9440431962
Per D217.8881303997
Per m of wall1.58161.3652812960
OZ 31APer S12.7675429146.8115.2465022068
Per D230.4930524213
Per m of wall1.58170.7689273120
OZ 32Per S11675476138108.352.292037
Per D216.71044464289
Per m of wall1.66160.5779673180
OZ 33Per S11.5675476144113.1543022124
Per D226.11090124472
Per m of wall1.66167.5807503320
OZ 34APer S12675476150.1117.8561352273
Per D235.71135634654
Per m of wall1.66174.6841213450
OZ 36Per S12.5675476156.1122.5589532340
Per D245.11180894835
Per m of wall1.66181.5874733580
OZ 37Per S13675476162.1127.3612102426
Per D254.51226215015
Per m of wall1.66188.5908303720
OZ 38APer S13.5675476168.1132634622514
Per D263.91271255194
Per m of wall1.66195.5941673850
OZ 40Per S14675476174.1136.6657032600
Per D273.31316155372
Per m of wall1.66202.4974933980
Per D
Per m of wall
Per D
Per m of wall
Per D
Per m of wall
Per D
Per m of wall
Per D
Per m of wall

U Sections (OT Series)

TypeS = Single D=DoubleThickness (mm)Single Pile c/c Width (mm)Inner Height (mm)Cross Section Area(cm2)Surface Coating Area(m2/m2)Weight (kg/m)Moment of Inertia (cm4)Section Modulus (cm3)
OT11APer S860019779.162.14736384
Per D124.2249181384
Per m of wall1.47103.5207651160
OT12Per S8.560019784.1665034407
Per D132263741465
Per m of wall1.47110219781220
OT13Per S96001978969.95332431
Per D139.7278181545
Per m of wall1.448116.4231821290
OT13APer S9.560019793.973.75631454
Per D147.4292501625
Per m of wall1.48122.9243751360
OT14**Per S1060019798.977.65928478
Per D155.3306711704
Per m of wall1.48129.4255591420
OT18Per S8600026090.270.89278577
Per D141.7521062141
Per m of wall1.7118434221790
OT19Per S8.560026095.875.29869612
Per D150.5551852268
Per m of wall1.71125.4459881890
OT20Per S9600260101.579.710452648
Per D159.3582442394
Per m of wall1.71132.7485372000
OT21Per S9.5600260107.184.111035683
Per D168.1612832518
Per m of wall1.71140.1510692100
OT22**Per S10600260112.788.511618719
Per D176.9643012642
Per m of wall1.71147.4535842200
OT23Per S10.5610265122.496.113441839
Per D192.3684402793
Per m of wall1.72157.6560982290
OT24Per S11610265128.3100.714082879
Per D210.4714712917
Per m of wall1.72165.1585832390
OT25**Per S11.5610265134.1105.314724918
Per D210.6744823040
Per m of wall1.72172.6610512490
OT26Per S12610265140109.915366959
Per D219.7774743162
Per m of wall1.72180.1635032590
OT13-625Per S9.5625196.596.175.35754718
Per D150.6305121699
Per m of wall1.46120.5244091359
OT14-625Per S10625197101.479.36075754
Per D158.6320421784
Per m of wall1.46126.9256341427
OT23-625Per S10.5625265.5124.598.1135471191
Per D196.2691812839
Per m of wall1.7156.9553452271
OT24-625Per S11625265130.6102.8142151244
Per D205.5722482965
Per m of wall1.7164.4577982372
OT25-625Per S11.5625265.5136.8107.4148981300
Per D214.9754303095
Per m of wall1.7171.9603442476
OT26-625Per S12625265143.1112.1155831355
Per D224.2786043225
Per m of wall1.7179.4628832580
OT23-650Per S10.5650265.5124.1100.2138491242
Per D200.3721672961
Per m of wall1.67154.1555132278
OT24-650Per S11650265133.4104.9145341298
Per D209.8753703093
Per m of wall1.68161.4579772379
OT25-650Per S11650265.5139.7109.7152321356
Per D219.4786883229
Per m of wall1.68168.7605292484
OT26-650Per S11.5650265146.1114.5159321413
Per D228.9819963365
Per m of wall1.68176.1630742588
OT24-675Per S11675265136.1107.1148401351
Per D214.1784933221
Per m of wall1.65158.6581432386
OT25-675Per S11.5675265.5142.6111.9155521411
Per D223.9819453363
Per m of wall1.65165.8607002491
OT26-675Per S12675265149.1116.8162681471
Per D233.6853883504
Per m of wall1.65173.1632512595
OT26-700Per S12700265152.1119.2165901529
Per D238.3887813643
Per m of wall1.63170.2634152602
OT31-700NPer S11.5700311.5155.8122.1230901780
Per D244.11256964342
Per m of wall1.75174.4897833101
OT32-700NPer S12700311162.4127.2240511853
Per D254.31314744534
Per m of wall1.75181.7969103238
OT33-700NPer S12700323167131.9267491938
Per D263.81390184665
Per m of wall1.79188.4992983332
OT35-700NPer S12.7700323.3177.5139.6285642058
Per D279.11478884951
Per m of wall1.79199.41056343536
OT36A-700NPer S13700324182.3142.9293932115
Per D285.71521195008
Per m of wall1.8204.11086563634
OT39-700NPer S14700325196.5153.9318872265
Per D307.71633735446
Per m of wall1.8219.81166953890

Omega Sections (OΩ Series)

TypeS = Single D=DoubleThickness (mm)Single Pile c/c Width (mm)Inner Height(mm)Cross Section Area(cm2)Surface Coating Area(m2/m2)Weight(kg/m)Moment of Inertia(cm4)Section Modulus(cm3)
O Ω 500/730** Per S473023549.7394705392
Per D789410784
Per m of wall1.5753.46446537
O Ω600/730** Per S4.573023555.843.85285440
Per D87.610570880
Per m of wall1.57607240602
O Ω650/730** Per S573023561.948.65862488
Per D97.211724976
Per m of wall1.5766.68031668
O Ω700/730** Per S5.57302356853.46438535
Per D106.8128761070
Per m of wall1.5773.18819733
O Ω800/730** Per S67302357458.17012581
Per D116.2140241162
Per m of wall1.5779.69605796
O Ω850/730** Per S6.573023580.162.97584626
Per D125.8151681252
Per m of wall1.5786.110388857
O Ω900/730** Per S773023586.167.68153670
Per D135.2163061340
Per m of wall1.5792.611169918
O Ω950/730** Per S7.573023592.172.68721714
Per D144.6174421428
Per m of wall1.5899.111947979
O Ω1000/730** Per S873023598.1779287758
Per D154185741516
Per m of wall1.58105.5127221038
O Ω600/600 Per S560023254.642.94703361
Per D85.89406721
Per m of wall1.6971.57838600
O Ω650/600 Per S5.560023260.147.25171396
Per D94.410342791
Per m of wall1.6978.68618660
O Ω725/600 Per S660023265.651.55639430
Per D102.911277860
Per m of wall1.6985.89398720
O Ω775/600 Per S6.560023271.155.76106465
Per D111.512211929
Per m of wall1.6992.910176780
O Ω825/600 Per S760023276.4606572499
Per D12013145998
Per m of wall1.6910010954830
O Ω900/600 Per S7.560023281.964.37039533
Per D128.6140781066
Per m of wall1.69107.111732890
O Ω950/600 Per S860023287.368.67505567
Per D137.1150101133
Per m of wall1.69114.312508950
O Ω625/650 Per S565023257.144.95094408
Per D89.710188816
Per m of wall1.63697837630
O Ω675/650 Per S5.56502326.949.35602448
Per D98.711204895
Per m of wall1.6375.98618690
O Ω750/650 Per S665023268.653.86109487
Per D107.612218974
Per m of wall1.6382.89398750
O Ω800/650 Per S6.565023274.258.36616526
Per D116.6132331052
Per m of wall1.6489.710179810
O Ω875/650 Per S765023279.962.87123565
Per D125.514261129
Per m of wall1.6496.510958870
O Ω925/650 Per S7.565023285.667.27630603
Per D134.4152591206
Per m of wall1.64103.411738930
O Ω975/650 Per S865023291.371.78136642
Per D143.4162721283
Per m of wall1.64110.312517990
O Ω650/700 Per S570023259.646.85453456
Per D93.610905911
Per m of wall1.5966.97789650
O Ω700/700 Per S5.570023265.651.55997500
Per D10311993999
Per m of wall1.5973.68566720
O Ω775/700 Per S670023271.656.26541544
Per D112.3130811087
Per m of wall1.5980.29344780
O Ω825/700 Per S6.570023277.560.87084587
Per D121.7140681174
Per m of wall1.5986.910120840
O Ω900/700 Per S770023283.465.57628630
Per D131152551261
Per m of wall1.5993.610896900
O Ω950/700 Per S7.570023289.470.28171673
Per D140.3163421347
Per m of wall1.59100.211673960
O Ω7025/700 Per S870023295.374.88714716
Per D149.7174281433
Per m of wall1.59106.9124481030