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  • Steel sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The walling is widely constructed to retain either soil or water in a particular portion or side. The capacity of the sheet pile to perform is dependent upon its geometry and the soil where is it piled.

    Steel sheet piles that are widely used in the construction of river embankments, quay walls of ports, retaining walls, cut-off walls, earthquake strengthening structures, and in many other types of construction work are becoming increasingly important.

    There are temporary and permanent applications of sheet pile. While permanent applications would serve as a permanent barrier or retaining mechanism, the temporary application, on the other side, is designed to provide safe access for construction and then later remove.

    Sheet piles need to be of high quality so to assure that the walling is firm and can withstand with various intensity of forces. Power steel is one of the most trusted the supplier of sheet piles in the Philippines, especially for multi-national companies, government infrastructures, among others.


    Revetment works
    The retaining method using steel piles comes in two types a self-sustaining type and a tie rod type.
    The tie rod type can withstand a larger horizontal force.

    Walls for road construction
    Used when the surrounding ground is lower than the road surface. By placing concrete and finishing the surface after setting steel piles, it is possible to quickly construct wall an excellent landscape.

    Embankment and Reinforcing work
    Using steel sheet piles as a countermeasure to the settling of an embankment due to its own weight can provide effective reinforcement.

    River improvement works
    Used in river widening works in river improvement works. It is possible to construct hypothetical cut-off walls with steel sheet piles and remove them after the works are completed. The steel sheet pile can be reused after disposal.

    Cut-off wall
    The cut-off walls using steel piles have an embedded structure. As such, they are highly adaptable to flimsy ground and flow for the construction of cut-off walls from an economical standpoint.

    Earth retaining works
    Extensive product lineup allows for a wide range of application depending on the digging depth and ground conditions.

    Sheet Pile Usage

    Steel sheet piles can be used for very wide range of purposes including those listed below.

    For Permanent structure
    : Quay walls, embankments, breakwaters, retaining walls, scour protection walls, cut-off walls, dams, and training dikes, amongst others.

    For temporary works
    : Earth retaining, breasting, double cofferdams, and islet building amongst others.

    Special uses
    : Oil retaining walls protection of underground oil transport pipes, fill-up aseismic reinforcement walls, liquefaction prevention, and land subsidence prevention, amongst others.