Power Steel Specialist Trading Corp.

Great things start with humble beginnings. In 1974, a man in a small office in Binondo had a dream to provide quality steel products in the Philippines at an affordable price. This dream has become a reality now and known as Power Steel. Through the years, the Power Steel team strives to hold true to its promise to provide the best quality steel products at an affordable price.

Due to this, the company grew at a steady and sustainable pace, now offering over 1,300 products to supply the needs of the customers. Today, we look at the industry with the boldness of the new generation yet still carrying over 40 years of personalized customer service heritage.

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As it was from the very beginning, the vision of Power Steel is to provide quality steel products at a competitive price to meet the construction needs of the customers. From households to large corporations, we aim to be the top of mind steel supplier in Philippines.

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Power Steel exists to provide one thing, which is the customer satisfaction. That is why it offers personalized service. Power steel is a family operated business. Therefore, it remained committed to the values instilled by forefathers, to provide total customer satisfaction.

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