Equal Angle Bars

Powersteel’s angle bar is really of excellent quality trusted by civil professionals and used in so many different construction works. Call us now for quotation.


Additional information

Angle Bar Thickness

10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 2.5mm (3/16"), 2mm (1/8"), 3.5mm (1/4"), 3.5mm (3/16"), 3mm (3/16"), 4.5mm, 4.5mm (1/4"), 4mm, 4mm (1/4"), 4mm (3/16"), 5.5mm, 5mm, 5mm (1/4"), 5mm (3/16"), 6mm, 6mm (1/4"), 8mm, 9mm

Angle Bar Width

100mm x 100mm, 125mm x 125mm, 150mm x 150mm, 25mm x 25mm, 32mm x 32mm, 38mm x 38mm, 50mm x 50mm, 65mm x 65mm, 70mm x 70mm, 75mm x 75mm, 80mm x 80mm, 90mm x 90mm