Full Threaded Rod

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9 reviews for Full Threaded Rod

  1. Peter Cunningham

    Please send quote for 86 Pcs 16mm diameter threaded rod @ 3ft long with 172 Pcs nuts & washers all galvanised

  2. merlito cannen jr.

    kindly send me qoutation for a 200 lengths 1/2″ x 6 meters length full threaded rod with lock-nut and washer

  3. Noel C. Lumelay

    Kindly send me quotation for a 220 pieces 12mm diameter by 1meter length of fully threaded rod with and 2150 pieces standard nuts and washers. Thank you

  4. Venz

    Please kindly send me your quotation for 12mm diameter x 6.0m , 20 pcs. and 600 nos. of nuts


    Hi there,

    Please can you send me a quotation for 20 length of 1 meter by 20 mm Diameter fully threated rod, and 100 nr standard Nuts and washers for threaded rod 20mm?

    Many thanks,


    Do you have metric size threaded rod?

  7. Fritz Cordero

    Please provide cost for:
    1. Galvanized full threaded rod, 10mm x 3m
    2. Threaded steel elbow, 25mm x 90 deg sch 40
    3. Galvanized clevis support for 25mm
    4. Weldable steel elbow, 75mm x 45 deg sch 40
    5. Weldable steel elbow, 150mm x 45 deg sch 40
    Thank you!

  8. ENGR. Fidel Tuazon

    Kindly Provideme a quotation for 12mm full threaded rod 2pcs 6m in length

  9. Stephen

    Dear Supplier,

    Please quote below items with your best price.

    1 PC – SS ROD 1/2″ X 12FT
    1 PC – SS ROD 5/8″ X 12FT

    Thank you,

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