Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube

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13 reviews for Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube

  1. aldrin aguilar

    pricelist of:
    1×1″ tubular stainless
    1×2″tubular stainless
    1×1 1/2″ tubular stainless steel
    1 1/2×1 1/2″ tubular stainless steel
    1 1/2x 2″ tubular stainless steel
    pricelist of your square bar…ty

  2. Kim David E.

    Can I have a pricelist with all the sizes. Thank you

  3. keith grian gomonit

    Good day..can i have the pricelist of your products?tnx

  4. Refrigerant

    Square Pipe or Square tube


    1.3 in* 2.5 in or
    6.4mm* 3m or
    64 cm* 30cm

    same sizes different unit

  5. Steven Dicks

    Can I have a price list with all the sizes. Thank you

  6. Enrico Cruz

    Where to buy?

  7. Jojo

    Can i have the prices for
    C-purlins galvanized 2×3 2.0
    Rectangular tube galvanized 2×5 2.0

  8. Shirley Bondoc

    Hello can I have the price list for all the stainless steel plate, shafting, pipes, tube for 1.5 size (grade SS304 and SS316. Thank you. For estimated budget reason for my lot main gate and fence.

  9. John V. Dignadice

    good day! can i have also your price list of all your products. thanks..

  10. Pradeep Mundra

    Can you send me the pricelist for all of your products in this section. Thanks..

  11. Junjiemar Rosico

    Can I ask about your prices? We are planning to build a fence with stainless steel. Please send it to our email Thank you!

  12. Franz

    Galvanize tubular 2″x5″x2mm
    Cpurlins 2x3x 2mm
    I need the price, thanks

  13. DV Gabin

    can i request a pricing for Galvanize tubular 2″x6″x 2mm?

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