Steel Purlin 2×3

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6 reviews for Steel Purlin 2×3

  1. lloyd nob


    Would like to know how much is your 2×3 purlin I think 20 ang length. I need 17pcs. Also if you have angle bar 3/16×1-1/2 I also need 17pc. Please let me know per pieces and the total. Also if it’s free delivery.

    Thank you.

  2. Jess Ibon

    I have requirements as detailed below. Please furnish me your competitive prices. Indicate if pick up or deliver.
    1. C-Purlins Galvanized – 2x3x1.5mm – 195 pieces
    2. C-Purlins Galvanized – 2x6x1.5mm – 18 pieces
    3. Flatbar – 1/4×1 – 30 pieces
    4. Angle bar – 1/4x2x2x20ft. – 135 pcs
    5. Angle bar – 1/4×1-1/2×1-1/2x20ft – 100 pieces


  3. Dennis Ilao

    Can you please give a quotation on C-Purlins galvanized for a 2×3 and 2×4


  4. Bugos

    Can I ask for a quotation of your C-purlins, especially C10x15

  5. nonie

    Hi Can you please give a quotation on the following items
    C purlins 2″x3″x1.0mm-100pcs,
    GiPipe 4″ Sch.20-22pcs..

  6. Angel Villanueva

    How much po last price nyo c purlins 2×3 I need 15 pcs. Ask ko lang dn po kung nagddeliver po kyo antipolo area.may kasama pa po yan angle bar ska yero sna.

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