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    4 Helpful Guidelines to Find Your Contractor

    Trust is vital.

    There are many contractors that would offer you their services, and would show completed projects. But you, as the client, we should not always agree and be more vigilant. So, before you set your budget to a contractor, here are few tips to set your mind right.

    TIP 1: Look for options ahead of time.

    Planning it ahead of times means more time to revisions for your projects to be perfectly executed. If you do not take precaution on time it will cost twice as much as you thought. Time is essential. (put another blog here with this exact line) Your projects will provide clear direction based on what you really want, need and even preferences along with your budget. Also, you have to check contractors that are near to you and who are willing to meet you face to face. This will show their eagerness to work for you and with you.

    TIP 2: Right questions equates to right answers.

    A client sometimes just wants the finished product and gets lazy with the long-process which is unavoidable. But you as clients must know every single even the little details. What are you looking forward in this project? What do you want to see? What are you hoping for? What are you trying to avoid? This will show you a contractor’s functionality. With this, you better get that pen and paper, and start writing your questions.

    TIP 3: Ask for the 3R’s: Referrals, Recommendations, References.

    A contractor may have the most convincing communication and company profile but It will be down to your decision, your signature on that contract. Some contractors will automatically give you a list of their references you could call for second opinions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case you might as well ask for the 3 R’s Referrals, Recommendations and References. It will give you a background and a gist of their organization.

    TIP 4: Know what type of work they do

    This is where process takes place. You have to consider the experience you had when you set meetings with your contractors. If they had explained their process on how they would execute your plans detail by details that’s one aspect to really consider, their organization. This includes on how they will adjust to your given budget and time also the payment process more importantly.

    If you are looking for an effective and reliable contractor, you might want to check out PWR Construction, they could discuss potential projects for your dream plans.

    Please contact them at 230-2906 , 242-9989 , 242-9993.


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    Sheet Piles 101: What to Know About Sheet Piles

    "Type of Sheet Piles"

    What are sheet piles?

    Sheet piles are long grooved shaped thick boards or plates that are designated to be interlocked with its edges together with adjacent piles. This method Is called, “sheet piling”.

    What is this so called, “sheet piling”?

    Sheet piling are made in a number of materials to create a continuous wall. The material chosen depends upon a number of factors, including both strength and environmental requirements. Manufacturers must consider the risks of material deterioration and its structural capacity of the sheet piles.

    Are there different types of sheet pile?

    There are few types of sheet piles available; they could be categorized according to their shapes, sizes, or how they were manufactures.

    The following types are categorized accordingly by their shapes.

    Z-type Sheet Pile

    We broke ground on our addition in late February, which means we were getting quotes and talking to contractors beginning in mid-December and through early January. One contractor flat out told us that by getting quotes now, he’d be able to get lower prices from his subcontractors, because winter is a slow time for the construction industry.” A man shared his experience when he was asking for quotations for builders.

    Flat Web Sheet Piles

    Flat sheet piles work differently from other sheet piles. Most sheet piles rely on their bending strength and stiffness to retain the soil or water

    U-type Sheet Piles

    U sheet piles retain soil and water just like Z piles with one important difference: U piles have the interlock on the neutral axis

    Pan type Sheet Piles

    The pan shaped cold form sheet piles are much smaller than most other sheet piles and are only intended for short, lightly loaded walls

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    5 Money-Saving Tips in Construction Projects

    “This year we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.
    We built our first custom home – our dream home.”

    “This year we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. We built our first custom home – our dream home.” A father uttered these words when they are going to build their new home.
    But to be practical here are few tips that you can rely on your construction projects, you could use this for extra money for luxurious furniture maybe?

    1. Visit Many, Many Potential Sites

    You think you know what you want your dream home or construction project to be, but do you really? You should try to scour on different home and site books. Also try driving around and visit many potential sites are near to your prospect location so get another perspective. If you can find a newly developed area, better.

    2. Hire The Right Builder

    In many situations, this could be a really crucial .If you have the option to hire your own builder, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Hiring the wrong builder can be a horrendous experience.

    Before you hire a builder, get a list of references and ask to see some of their work. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING. It’s amazing how quickly people can forget a conversation. This applies to subcontractors, as well.

    3. Bid out Your Cost

    This is an easy way to save tens of thousands of pesos before you even begin the building process. Bidding your costs will eager for contractors to adjust with your budget.

    We were told that some home builders just don’t need the work so they price themselves out.
    Of course, the most important thing is that the builder stays within that bid. If the bid looks too good to be true, have someone else look at it (we did). We realized that the allowance for the kitchen and bathrooms was a bit low for what we had in mind, but so were the other builders’ bids.

    4. Build During the Off Season

    We broke ground on our addition in late February, which means we were getting quotes and talking to contractors beginning in mid-December and through early January. One contractor flat out told us that by getting quotes now, he’d be able to get lower prices from his subcontractors, because winter is a slow time for the construction industry.” A man shared his experience when he was asking for quotations for builders.

    Not only can you save money, but you’ll get better service from your contractors during the off season.

    5. Figure Out Furniture You Need in Advance

    With an upgrade in size of our new house, we knew that we had to buy some new furniture, most notably a couch. We set out months in advance and found an awesome couch that was on clearance for a fraction of what we would have had to pay if we missed the sale. Other examples are wall hangings, rugs, and other accessories where we were constantly on the lookout for good deals.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Buying Steel Online

    Finally, Power Steel is giving you a convenient way to have your steel requirements be quoted and delivered right away.

    Let’s be real here, we want to have a convenient way to buy items we need. E-commerce has been helping customers to prevent hassle in buying items they ought to buy. Although the internet world may give you a lot of choices, you might want to check on this first. Power Steel is part of this innovation but before we get a sneak peak on how this process will go, let us first discuss what to remember and how could you buy steel online.




    Be smarter, and do your research.

    Whether you are planning for your home, office, buildings, or construction roads, you have to know what materials will be a perfect foundation. There is nothing wrong with comparing one thing from the other; you just want to be sure of what you have been investing in.

    You have to do your research. You could stay on Facebook or Twitter by about 3 hours of your time but make this a priority to search why steel should be your top choice material is steel.

    Be keen, and aware before purchasing.

    Steel is the most efficient and convenient construction material to use. Buying the correct specification for your construction need is important Part of it, is to be cautious of what you are buying. You can browse the specifications of the available steel products that we have.

    Check the price. There are suppliers that tend to be cheaper than other. In contrast, cheap is not always the best choice either. This may indicate that quality might be subpar as opposed to its standard quality.

    Pick the right people, the result might surprise you.

    You don’t know who you are you buying from? Well, that might be a problem. Maybe you are smart enough of what you are buying but the people that you will get your supply from has no assurance of its quality.

    Buying online could be risk. However, you have no time to go to physical stores because of your unexpected deadlines. Therefore, this is by your best option.

    First, check their website. Check the necessary details of your supplier, from their profile, products, even their blogs to get a background of who they are. If your steel supplier is in the industry for a long time. From there, you could assess if they could be trusted.

    Introducing the Power Steel E-Commerce:

    As part of Power Steel’s vision to always meet our customer satisfaction, we will now make things easier for you.

    Introducing the Power Steel E-Commerce… You can buy our top quality steel products to get your requirement quoted right away by our customer support. It will be an automated and easier process so it won’t make things too complicated for you.

    Stay tuned for the launching of Power Steel’s E-Commerce for an effortless purchasing steel online.

    If you are still wondering on how and why you should pick steel for your structural projects.
    Click here: 5 Things to Consider when Selecting and Buying Steel Products

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    5 Things to Consider when Selecting and Buying Steel Products

    Trust me, this is worth your read.

    There are different things to consider selecting, and buying the right and appropriate material whenever building a structure:
    not just tall buildings, homes but even small furniture and appliances.

    Briefly, steel processing or production does not consume but sustain. No material is perfectly made, but there is a top made material that will benefit many of us. Here are those aspects that might influence you to choose steel:


    Indeed, choosing a material for structures is a lifelong decision.

    Sustainability simply means maintaining balance. Choosing a right material for construction will help determine your desired results. Imagine this, you are planning to build your dream home but you have no idea how to get started without the tools and materials to simply construct it. Then you do a lot of consulting that may or may not help you with your plans. You don’t want to waste effort, time, and of course money, do you?


    Managing time could be difficult at times; we want to be productive as possible. To finish all tasks in a specific time period.

    Steel as a using a main product will save more time because it will result faster construction. In the case of erecting a building, it is quicker compared to any materials like wood or cement. Not only this, a shorter period of time is equals to more savings. The interest charges in an on-site preliminary are reduce and have earlier return of investments.


    Unfortunately, we humans are part of how our Mother Earth is slowly destroyed. However, we should be part of how it could be redeemed.

    As much as possible, with the materials we use, we must now consider its “environmental friendly” aspect. A topmost material chosen by contractors is steel. Indeed, it is safe for our environment for the reason that steel is a recycled material hence also making it cost efficient due to reused components.

    In stainless steel, production and recycle does not separate. These stages are one and the same process. Every stainless steel has 60% recycled component in it (FACTS!). Also remember that it does not degrade the material once recycle, in the matter of fact it materials can be added to retain its quality.


    Chemistry is not everybody’s favourite subject. Although, it is relevant in many industries and by then comes in handy.

    The steel industry benefits in their scientific element but we will discuss it an easier manner. One component steel has is the material being light weight, contrasting to other types of materials. Also makes it more efficient in construction a tall building. Therefore, does not put strain on base of the building.

    Although we know that steel corrodes in water, there are now certain features that can be combined to water-resisting seals so that it will not corrode easily. It also goes the same on how steel is a fire resistance material which they are inherently a non-combustible material. But then, high temperature may affect this, manufacturers now add more fire resistant materials to avoid melting from heat.


    Always be wise in selecting your foundation, that’s how success could flourish.

    We are not ignorant that steel is highly durable because it is strong, stiff, tough, and ductile. Steels are composed of different alloys which serve as that cause a metallic bonding have a solid solution in order for the product to possess high quality. Furthermore, it does not age or decay quickly which could avoid costly and environmental issues.

    Now we’ve answered your “how to buy and select”, let us now go to your “where to buy” question. There are a lot of means in choosing your steel supplier but one thing that Power Steel is always have been proud of is how they take care and meet their customer’s needs. The steel products are no doubt in high quality, considering 40 years in the industry but definitely the commitment to their clients made them the top choice for steel supplier in the Philippines

    Now we’ve answered your “how to buy and select”, let us now go to your “where to buy” question. There are a lot of means in choosing your steel supplier but one thing that Power Steel is always have been proud of is how they take care and meet their customer’s needs. The steel products are no doubt in high quality, considering 40 years in the industry but definitely the commitment to their clients made them the top choice for steel supplier in the Philippines.

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    5 Industries that steel is important

    5 Industries that Steel is Important

    Steel is one of the most commonly used materials for both consumer and industrial applications.
    Steel is made from iron, which occurs in nature in combination with other elements. There are more
    than 3,500 different grades of steel with many different physical, chemical, and environmental
    properties. With exceptional strength, flexibility, and recyclability, it is used in items we see almost
    every day. Here are just a few of the industries where steel is important.


    Here are five big industries that rely on steel, what the steel business means for their products and operations, and what their business means to us.


    As we’ve touched on previously, steel is one of the world’s most reliable materials in large part due to its usage in construction.
    At once energy-efficient, hyper-durable, long-lasting and lightweight, steel beams are commonplace in public and private construction sites
    From infrastructures like railroads and bridges to skyscrapers, homes, and parks, steel provides the ultimate in affordability and strength.

    The majority of steel is used in this industry, as structures can be built quickly at a low cost. For this reason,
    construction trends and steel industry influence one another directly.



    As it remains the material of choice for automakers worldwide, steel helps manufacturers reach the desired strength and safety levels for vehicles large
    and small. In fact, everything in the transportation industry from trains, to ships, and airplanes relies heavily on steel to transport people and goods,
    whether overseas or cross-town.

    Steel’s incredible strength-to-weight ratio has revolutionized transportation, which continues to improve and innovate all of the time.
    We owe every amazing capability from air travel to battleships to this resilient material.

    At Pacesetter, we follow automotive trends regarding regulation, energy efficiency, and emerging materials to better
    understand how our industries will work together in the future.


    3. ENERGY

    The energy sector is a constantly shifting, but whether it’s oil or solar, you can bet that steel is critical in the infrastructure. Hydro, wind,
    electric and natural gas, and just about any other energy source out there demands steel in construction. So long as energy is in demand
    —which for the world to run, it always will be—steel will be a necessary resource.

    Even so, things like dropping gas prices (made possible by a natural gas boom in North America) do impact the price of steel. That’s
    why we make sure to pay attention to every new shift and trend that comes along in the energy sector and prepare to act and react accordingly.



    For about 200 years, steel has been used to package goods and protect them from exposure by water, air, and sunlight. Packaging is a
    cold-rolled steel specialty, allowing for high-speed filling and easy opening.

    Steel packaging is most common in food and beverages, though you will also find it in general lines and closures such as bottle caps.



    Lastly, your kitchen and entire household almost certainly wouldn’t be the same without steel, which accounts for 75% of the average
    household appliance’s weight. Think washer machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, ovens, and other products vital to the modern home.

    It’s clear, then, that Pacesetter has its eye on the road, in the home, in the sky and the sea as we continue to innovate and provide the best
    in steel service and delivery. Any and every trend in the aforementioned industries may affect the relationships we have built, just as the steel
    market impacts their own day-to-day operations.


    At the end of the day, great partnerships and attention to the trends of today and tomorrow are key to keeping the world running the way we’ve carefully built it: like a fine-tuned, steel machine.


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    Great Wall of Tacloban seawall

    Will “Great Wall of Tacloban” be pursued?


    Yolanda. Who would forget that disastrous typhoon that killed about 10,000 individual and left 11 million individual homeless and devastated? It was in November 2013 when it hit most part of Eastern Visayas and traversed to South China Sea. The government insisted that they had foreseen the typhoon as a ‘super typhoon’ but the impact was seemingly inevitable. There were even dead bodies still recovered early January 2014. But, past is past, devastation and destruction cannot be undone anymore. Statements such as “it would have been better… it should have been…” are no longer the point, and the government is doing their best effort to implement projects for recovery and rehabilitation.

    As part of mitigation and prevention, the government would like to come up with the project to mitigate the effect of super typhoons that might come to the Philippines. One of the most ideal projects is a seawall, which was later named as “The Greatwall of Tacloban.” According to DPWH, the seawall will cover 20.1 kms seawalls in Tacloban, 4.1 kms in Palo, Leyte and 3.1 kms in Tanauan, also in Leyte, for a total length of 27.3-kilometer seawall.

    But how will they do this? The concept of constructing the seawall might compare to the seawall constructed along the shore of Michigan Technological University campus waterfront on Keweenaw Waterway (Portugal Lake) where lots of sheet pile were used together with the concrete to strengthen the seawall.

    Using pile driver and other heavy equipment, seawall will be arranged as planned, however, there are types of seawall that are not strong such as:

    Roxas Boulevard seawall



    Guimaras boat port seawall


    These are just some seawall that must be heightened or strengthened to serve not just a drainage point or boat port but will also serve its primary purpose.

    The Government, as per DPWH Regional Director Rolando Asis, would spend Director Rolando Asis, would spend PhP48 billion, and will expect to be completed by 2020.



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    Ever wonder why LPG is in capsule steel

    Ever wonder why LPG is in capsule steel? Here’s why.

    Have you ever wonder why LPG Tanks or Liquefied Petroleum Gas are all spherical or elliptical in shape? Can’t it be square, rectangle, or some other shape? Well, there is a scientific explanation about it, but we’ll try to explain this in the most understandable way it can be.

    The reasons why LPG tanks are sphere are the following:

    1. LPG Tanks are pressure vessels- It is intended to withstand the weight held inside. That implies no corners, and, thusly no square or rectangular tanks. Imagine this: a hot liquid is poured into a box-typed container, it will surely try to deform the container as it expands on the side that has angle; just like in a balloon, when it is being filled with air, and it gradually expands.
    2. Elliptical shape LPG tanks are the cheapest steel tanks.
    3. The high pressure inside of the tank does bending stress on the tank’s welds if the bottom is flat. As mentioned, it expands when being filled. Thus, welding must be seamless and smooth.
    4. Also, when an LPG Tank is half-filled and it tilted, the tendency is that the center of gravity will remain as it is, unlike when it is rectangle, when tilted, the center of gravity will not remain in the center of the container.
    5. When cleaning the tank, it is much easier when it is sphere than a box-type container.



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    The Classification of Steel Pipes

    Planning to build a home or establish a building office, you should know which pipes you are going to use. There are several types of steel pipes that will definitely confuse you, to help you narrow down your problem, here are the classifications of steel pipes.

    Galvanized Pipes

    People from 1960s used galvanize steel pipe for their home plumbing since it can last up to 40 years. Galvanized steel pipe is recognized by its feature, as being coated with metal and zinc. This is not suitable for carrying gas, the zinc it features will definitely clog the lines and it can cause the gas to flake.

    It is mostly used to door and window hoods and finials, cresting in roof ornaments.

    Black Iron Steel Pipe

    Black Iron Pipe is described as “uncoated” it is widely used to transport gas such as natural and propane ideal for both commercial and residential use, compared to Galvanize pipe which is coated with zinc.

    However, Black iron pipe is not recommended to use for water simply because water can destroy this type of pipe.

    Black Pipes

    When black iron pipes and galvanize pipes are both not suitable for carrying gas, black pipes has been used since 1960. It can also be used in fire sprinkler; a black pipe has the strong resistance when it comes to cooling water and heat.

    If you are seeking for a steel supplier in the Philippines, we in Powersteel can provide you specific steel pipes:

    1. Galvanize Pipes Sch. 40 STD
    2. Black Pipes Sch. 40 STD
    3. Galvanize Sch. 40 LS 2
    4. Black Pipes Sch. 40 LS 2 COMM
    5. Galvanize Pipes Sch. 20
    6. Black Iron Pipes Sch. 20

    However, if you’re still in need of steel purlins, steel plates and steel bars, you may check our product page for more details. We have everything you need.


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    9 Easy D.I.Y Metal Pipe Projects You Can Do At Home

    Organizing your home is one of the tough decisions you will ever make. If you really want to give it a new look, use metal pipes instead of woods and plastic materials for your do-it-yourself home projects.

    Steel/metal pipes are indeed durable and recyclable. It actually helps your home to maintain its modernity and classy look in the long run.

    Here are the 10 DIY metal pipes you can do for your home

    1. Bookshelf
    This will help you to be organized at all times.
    It’s easier to choose which book does your kid would
    like you to read for them every night.
    Avoid spending too much time finding a book
    every corner of your home.

    2. Clothes Rack
    Dry your clothes with the use of clothes rack, there’s no
    need for you to pile up wires at your backyard. Clothes
    rack made up of steel is easy to carry and it can hold up
    to 15 clothes in a row without breaking its part.

    3. Hanging Pan Rack
    Running out of space in your kitchen area?
    A hanging pan rack might be useful,
    leaving your kitchen space enticing and neat
    at all times.

    4. Coffee Table
    Leaving in a dormitory or condominium with limited
    space is not an excuse not to enjoy your coffee in the
    morning and during at night while you study.
    A coffee table made up from steel pipes will make you
    enjoy sipping your favourite cup of joe any time you want.
    Ask your dad to create one, right now.

    5. Wine Rack
    Have a dedicated place for your dad’s bottle of wines,
    in case he decides to invite his friend over the weekend.
    Give his bottle of wines a perfect place to chill in,
    a wise gift idea on his special day.

    6. Towel bar with shelf
    Instead of purchasing a plastic black rack for your shampoo,
    toothpaste and soaps inside your bathroom, make your own
    DIY towel bar with shelf made up from steel pipes.
    It’s more durable and prevents you to scatter all your toiletries.

    7. Pallet and Pipe Chair
    How many times have you broke your monoblock chair at home?
    It’s about time to stop spending money in buying plastic chairs
    and create your pallet and pipe chair.
    This can be perfectly used during gathering at home in a bar table,
    catching up with friends.

    8. Wall Rail Storage
    If you’re an artistic person and you cannot go even just
    for a day without looking at your magazine, calligraphy arts,
    then this might the perfect solution for your messy table.

    9. Vanity Mirror
    One mirror is not enough for women who use to spend more than
    an hour to get up before heading out, it’s safe to use metal pipes to
    vanity mirror to create more than just one but two mirror all at the same time.

    Meanwhile for your metal pipe needs, there’s only one place you should visit now. Powersteel is perfectly located in Sampaloc, Manila and they have the following different type of steel pipes that you need.

    1. Galvanize Pipes Sch. 40 STD
    2. Black Pipes Sch. 40 STD
    3. Galvanize Popes Sch. 40 LS 2
    4. Black Pipes Sch. 20
    5. Black Iron Pipes Sch. 20
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