Ever wonder why LPG is in capsule steel? Here’s why.

Have you ever wonder why LPG Tanks or Liquefied Petroleum Gas are all spherical or elliptical in shape? Can’t it be square, rectangle, or some other shape? Well, there is a scientific explanation about it, but we’ll try to explain this in the most understandable way it can be.

The reasons why LPG tanks are sphere are the following:

  1. LPG Tanks are pressure vessels- It is intended to withstand the weight held inside. That implies no corners, and, thusly no square or rectangular tanks. Imagine this: a hot liquid is poured into a box-typed container, it will surely try to deform the container as it expands on the side that has angle; just like in a balloon, when it is being filled with air, and it gradually expands.
  2. Elliptical shape LPG tanks are the cheapest steel tanks.
  3. The high pressure inside of the tank does bending stress on the tank’s welds if the bottom is flat. As mentioned, it expands when being filled. Thus, welding must be seamless and smooth.
  4. Also, when an LPG Tank is half-filled and it tilted, the tendency is that the center of gravity will remain as it is, unlike when it is rectangle, when tilted, the center of gravity will not remain in the center of the container.
  5. When cleaning the tank, it is much easier when it is sphere than a box-type container.